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My Teardrop Project

Construction Photos

AC Schematic

DC Schematic

Light Dimmer Schematic

Motor Speed Control Schematic (For Fantastic Fan Mod)


Photos of Trip's and Stuff

Kern 2013

Kern 2012

Spam Rehab 2011

Kern and Tahoe 2011

Maker Faire Road Trip 2011

Kern and Tahoe 2010

Maker Faire Road Trip 2010

Christina’s B-Day

Spamboree X

Ashley's 16th Birthday

Baker to Vegas Stage 17

Spamboree 9

Saline Valley 2008

Spamboree 8

San Juan Capistrano

Kern August 2007 Camping Trip

Kern June 2007 Camping Trip

Lake Piru April 2007

Spamboree 7

Ashley's 13th Birthday

Kern June 2006 Camping Trip

Kern May 2006 Camping Trip

Kern September 2005 Camping Trip

Oregon May 2005

Thanksgiving 2004

Spamboree 5

Frazier Park May 2004

Joanna's Graduation

Kern May 2004 Camping Trip 

  Tasha and Gardners Wedding 

Kern 2001 Camping Trip

Miller Jeep Trail